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SERENITY... kids street fashion (mini hipster .com)

SERENITY [3 yrs]

Backyard, Louisiana.

jacket: 3 Ring Circus // shirt: Wren Willow // pants: courtneycourtney

Posing beautifully here is Serenity, who turns 4 this weekend on Halloween! She’s wearing an outfit put together by mum after shopping at some wonderful Etsy sellers.

Mum tells us “Serenity’s vintage umbrella barrettes and lovely maroon and blue-stitched Billy the Kid vintage jacket are from 3 Ring Circus. She finds such wonderful vintage clothes and even a few toys. You can be sure anything you buy from her will be in excellent condition!

Serenity’s 100% organic hand-dyed and silk-screened shirt is from Wren Willow. All of the silk-screened illustrations are created by Wren Willow.

And last, but not least, Serenity’s OOAK up-cycled pants were designed by courtneycourtney. Courtney designs up-cycled clothes for children – some even sport silk-screens made using her own designs!

photo: Angela Neil

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    Pui Ying says:

    Very beautiful,very lovable girl!

  2. 2

    That’s my beautiful baby girl! Thanks for featuring her!!

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