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Leeland... kids street fashion (mini hipster .com)

Leeland [1 yr]

Miami Florida, USA

Tee Shirt: Baby Gap // Shorts: Marc Ecko// Shoes: Nike (Retro 9 Jordans)

This is a simple outfit on Leeland but how good does it look? Simple works. Black tee, black kicks with denim in between.

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4 Comments to “Iron Man 3”

  1. 1
    Maria "Chiqui" Peralta says:

    GO LeGo!!!!!! Tia loves you!!!!

  2. 2
    maynard says:

    idk this but this baby is so cute. go leland!

  3. 3
    iris carmina says:

    I’ve seen this baby on minihipster before – so glad he’s back again! He’s got such a hip, laid-back style and always looks so comfy and confident in his gear!

  4. 4
    Nina says:

    He IS the superhero! Very cute:)

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