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Get The Skinny: kids slim-fit jeans - article by MiniHipster.com (kids street fashion, childrens clothing trends)

There was a time when only bona fide rock stars could get away with wearing the skinny jeans – think Mick Jagger and Iggy Pop…

Yet the skinny jeans have now well and truly arrived, and it looks like they’re here to stay (at least a little while longer). We’ve noticed more and more minihipster’s donning the slim-fit jeans, like Archie (below left) in his straight-legged jeans from the GapGet The Skinny: kids slim-fit jeans and little Lenox in his LevisGet The Skinny: kids slim-fit jeans (below right).

Get The Skinny: kids slim-fit jeansGet The Skinny: kids slim-fit jeans

It took me a while to get used to them… but they’ve certainly grown on me (or shrunk, as the case may be).

Here’s some current models that we particularly like:

mini Boden Slim Fit Jeanmini Boden - kids skinny jeans
Vans - kids skinny jeans
Vans Slim PP Denims
Shaun White for Target - kids skinny jeans
Pro snowboarder-come-skater-
now-surfer Shaun White for Target
Ben Sherman Kids - Rough Dark Y05 (Toddler/Little Kids) (Rough Dark) - Apparel

Ben Sherman Kids in
rough, dark denim

So, what more can we say, other than…

Get the skinny!


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    Steve says:

    Love the pic of Iggy… Rock on.

    I’m a recent convert to the skinny jeans for myself, but hadn’t thought about them for my boys.

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