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(image courtesy of Vans)

I was born in the early 70’s, and my shoe staple growing up was a pair of Clark’s.  Admittedly, Clark’s are now much cooler than they were 30+ years ago (having even done colabos with high profile graffiti-artist-come-designers like Stash and Futura), but I’m envious of today’s kids who won’t be laughing their bell bottoms off when they look at pictures of their childhood… Kids trainers (or “kicks”, for those in the know), are now just as cool as the grown up versions.

Check out these recent MiniHipsters in their kicks:

Dexter in his checkerboard Vans slip-ons, in one color or another a staple of every minihipsters shoe collection.

Luke in his classic adidas Superstars, modernized with a funky colorful camo print.

And Issys in her very cool limited edition high-top Valentines Day release retro Nike Air Jordan 1 (available here).
(a slick low-top alternative to these are the ever-popular classic Nike Air Force 1, very nice in pink and white!)

Kicks for your minihipster now come in a whole range of cool!

If you gave me a time-machine, the following selection would be my favorites – plus it would give me the chance to beg my mother not to put me in that bright yellow turtle neck with brown flair cords which always features in my childhood photos!


VANS Bubble Heart Mercer DVS - Revival Splat preschool

Skate-inspired: the Vans Bubble Heart Mercer (left) and the DVS Revival Splat pre-schoolers (right).

adidas Midiru 2 CL Sneaker Puma Little Kid Basket Basic V

Clean & simple: check out these elastics from adidas, the Midiru 2 CL sneaker (left), or the retro styled “Little Kid” Basket Basic V from Puma (right).
Reebok Versa nike dunk low rainbow
Color full: for those that like their kicks to grab some attention, how about these Reebok Versas (left) or these
rainbow colored Dunk lows (above right) – the latter also good for the little man who has that little bit more confidence with his footwear!




VANS half cab youth MiniHipsterConverse Kids' Volitant Ox
Sk8: the all-time best selling skate shoe from Vans, the Half Cab (left), now available in youth sizing!!! I’m sure there’s many dads out there that will be buying these as much for their own reminiscent enjoyment as for their boys…
Skate shoes don’t have to look like’m, as these Volitant Ox from Converse show (above right).

Puma Little FrankieMiniHipsteradidas Superstar 2 Polka Dots in Green and white

Retro: how about and these skate-inspired numbers from the Puma Archives (left) – the Little Frankie is a very cool little kick!
This adidas Superstar 2 always brings RUN DMC to mind (with a smile & the “My adidas” tune bouncin round my head…), but these funky little green Polka Dots colorway (above right) are way more suited to the minihipster of the 21st century.

Nike Air Max CL (Premium)Nike Air Max CL (Premium)

Ltd: these limited edition Nike Air Max CL (Premium) are hot! But best for the summer months when the street mud can’t taint their fresh whiteness… And with this bad-ass rooster painting on the top, the little mans bound to have the flashest (and scariest) kicks on the block!

Get your Kicks on!

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  1. 1
    Paul says:

    I sooo love that we can get all our favorite kicks for the kids now!!!

  2. 2
    nicole says:

    they are just a cool as the grown up kicks – but just as expensive don’t you find

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