MiniHipster Contributor Kari Nyack, children’s stylist and owner of Stye My Baby London, spent some time at the international kids Trade Show BUBBLE London and has shared her secret finds, new brands and the up and coming names to watch out for. Kari found so many great brands that we had to split this report into 2 parts. Below is part 1 and we will post Part 2 tomorrow:

Bubble London is a kids focused trade show where retailers can meet exhibitors from every aspect of the kid’s industry: fashion, interiors, toys and more.

On the 17th and 18th of June I made my way down to the Business Design Centre in Islington (London) to see what’s in store for all your ‘Mini Hipsters’ for Spring Summer 2013.

There were so many fabulous collections from so many fabulous brands, some you may already know and some are fairly new to the industry, all in all, you are in for a treat! So here they are:

No Added Sugar- New for SS13 is boys, girls and baby swimwear, sunglasses, Liberty print pieces, lots of metallics and soft greens.

Mischka Aoki- New colours include jade greens and deep pinks. Fur fabrics and a ‘Flamenco’ style cut.

We were invited to a garden party with Tom & Drew and Liv. The stand looked magnificent with brick walls, green grass, flowers, butterflies and garden furniture. The Tom and Drew collection showed their ever popular tailored pieces, plaids, checks and pin stripes. Soft pastel coloured bow ties as well as a new leopard print fabric (my favourite!)

Del Toro for Tom & Drew- The camouflage brogue is one of my favourite pieces in the whole show. Designed by Del Toro, hand made genuine leather, with custom coloured sole and laces.

Pictured above is Bubble ‘Stand Out’ competition winner Indikidual, and well deserved in my opinion. Syreeta Johnson (founder and designer), has carefully considered every last detail in-keeping with the personality of the brand. I love the sticks that have been customised with pipe cleaners, beads and feathers in her pop up craft workshops, where kids come to play and be creative. The newspaper style Lookbook is also very original, along with Syreeta’s business cards, which she lets her daughter customise with felt tip pens! This brand screams cute, creative and practical, truly Indikidual!!!

Tutu De Monde – Every little princesses dream! Mixing imagination and style. Some casual pieces have been added to this collection, including stripey leggings and casual tees with a touch of sparkle of course.

Silvean Heach- Lots of finds in this sustainable garden. For boys we have nautical stripes and colours, for girls we have lots of soft yellows and browns.

Catch Part 2 of Kari’s report tomorrow.

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